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  1. Carlos Thibaut – Innovation Advocate

    480-320 Carlos

    In the age of the digital revolution, innovation is at the core of everything we do; it is pivotal in defining success, providing a software which aligns industry requirements and shapes processes for mortgage and protection specialists to effectively manage and control their business. Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 Dot Net, is at the forefront of 360’s business and software developments, striving to mitigate the inefficiencies which plague the industry, whilst using technology to redefine processes making genuine change for advisers and their clients.

    360 has positioned itself with Carlos as the thought-leader, who is ambitious to deliver solutions which challenge and disrupt the advice process for the better. Projecting his aspirations, Carlos has stated, “our role is to deliver the heavy-lifting processes to allow advisers more time to spend with clients, adding value through advice and building long-term relationships.”

    In 2017, Carlos was ‘In the Spotlight’ for the Financial Reporter publication, where he was interviewed on his idea of the advised mortgage process taking no longer than 30 minutes. He posited the opinion referring to the utilisation of the 360 CRM with FactFind, integrated sourcing and client-engaging features such as the FactFind and Portal. He elaborated on how 360 can join the dots together for advisers, creating a sales process which flows, eliminates the rekeying of data and incorporates client-engagement to make huge time savings –  which will only be enhanced by future advancements prevailing within the industry, such as open-banking and direct to lender submission. Carlos’ vision is that all data required for underwriting mortgages, protection and financial products, should be passed directly from clients (using their 360 portal) to manufacturers.

    Changing the way intermediaries operate is challenging, but by repositioning the mortgage process and introducing innovative, new solutions such as the Client FactFind and Client Portal, it has drastically changed the way the advice process is conducted and is evidently valued… 360’s 2017 year-end results, show that over 22,000 client FactFinds were sent last year, with over 80% being completed and returned back to the adviser. This can save anywhere between 45-90 minutes of an adviser’s time, whilst enabling clients to complete their data in their own time and in their own terms. Carlos has played a fundamental role in vaunting the significant capabilities that client engagement can bring to intermediaries, and it is through incorporating these small changes to processes that can make huge differences.

    Supporting 15% of the industry’s mortgage advisers, with four networks and prestigious DA businesses such as Knight Frank Finance and Alexander Hall, it becomes increasingly apparent that the ‘small start-up in 2010 with just four members of staff and 150 users’ has grown from strength to strength with Carlos’ input as CEO. His desire to deliver an ambitious roadmap year after year, helps to safeguard advisers in the dynamic industry, it provides industry-defining technologies and ensures that 360 are continually delivering their mission statement: ‘keeping advisers ahead in the digital world’.

    If you would like to nominate Carlos as Innovation Advocate in this year’s British Mortgage Awards, please click here.

  2. Key Solutions Mortgages deploy the full 360 Lifecycle solution.

    Key SolutionsKey Solutions Mortgages have successfully deployed the full 360 Lifecycle practice management solution with Fact Find, integrated sourcing and Client Portal to their business of 54.  The national broker, based in the South West, changed technology provider in 2017 after a lengthy due diligence period to find a holistic technology solution that would increase its productivity and achieve its ambitious growth plans.  Since selection, 360 Dot Net has worked with Key Solutions to rollout 360 Lifecycle and support them with training, data transfer and on-going support.

    Anna Pepler, Managing Director of Key Solutions Mortgages Ltd, commented, “It is important that we support our whole Gang including our advisors with effective technology to drive and deliver our services.  Greater capacity and efficiency was essential in our decision-making that has seen us expand our Gang by 22 last year.  Most importantly, we continue to ensure that we’re “making life easier and better for everyone that we work with.”

    Pepler confirmed that workflow functionality, client engagement tools and simultaneous data access to administrators and advisers played a significant part in choosing a technology supplier.  Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 reflected that “I am delighted Key Solutions Mortgages have chosen us as their technology provider. Reducing friction in the advice and fulfilment process is continuing to deliver tangible business benefits in terms of productivity and cost savings.  However, it is our client engagement tools such as the Client Fact Find and Portal that continues to allow customers such as Key Solutions to differentiate themselves while staying ahead of the technology curve.”

    Thibaut concludes, “It is important to stay ahead in the digital revolution to support intermediaries like Key Solutions and their on-going success story. Future-proofing our advisers is at the forefront of our thinking; we ensure that we are reacting to industry legislation and demands, whilst providing innovative technology for us and our intermediaries to remain ahead in the versatile industry that we operate in.”

  3. James Sullivan joins the 360 Team

    360 logo

    360 Dot Net are pleased to announce that James Sullivan has joined 360 Dot Net this month. Providing over 15 years of experience supporting the mortgage intermediary sector with technical solutions from MortgageBrain, Sullivan will now play a pivotal role in the delivery of 360’s ambitious roadmap.

    Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 Dot Net, commented that “it is a sign of our on-going growth and development as a business that we can attract individuals such as James. His 14-years of experience as a Project Manager is vital towards the growth of our products and he will be instrumental in shaping and defining our on-going roadmap. Up and coming features such as enhanced workflow, open banking integration and direct lender submission will keep us ahead of the competition. Having James on-board guarantees a timely and effective delivery of these features and our core functions.”

    Sullivan commented on his new role, “I’m thrilled to be joining the team at 360 Dot Net at a time when the pace of change and the importance of innovation have never been greater for Intermediaries and technology providers alike. 360 Dot Net have been listening to the intermediary market for a long time now, and I’m looking forward to working within the team in order to contribute further to this tradition as they explore the interesting opportunities afforded by Open Banking, Machine Learning, and deeper Data Mining.”

  4. Alexander Hall to roll-out full 360 Lifecycle solution

    alexander Hall Logo

    Alexander Hall, the successful London based mortgage brokerage, have signed a five-year deal to utilise the full 360 Lifecycle practice management solution and FactFind with integrated sourcing to their 70+ workforce.

    Following a lengthy due diligence process, Alexander Hall confirmed that a combination of current functionality, including the client facing FactFind and Portal, along with 360’s flexibility and willingness to bespoke the software to fit their exacting compliance and client engagement requirements played a major part in their decision making.  Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 Dot Net, commented “We are delighted to be working with Alexander Hall.  As a technology provider, it is our responsibility to align our software proposition to the requirements of our users while being mindful of up and coming legislation such as GDPR and MiFID2.”

    Delivery of the customised functionality will coincide with the rollout of 360 Lifecycle to Alexander Hall users later in the year.  Dom Scott, Director of Alexander Hall stated “We consistently deliver a high level of service to our clients and that is reliant on software to help structure the service and activity of our advisers.  Adopting a new sourcing and back-office CRM where we can tailor business critical portions to our requirements was a compelling proposition and one that will translate directly to the quality of service we offer.  Finally, the option to explore the client engagement features of the system has the potential to significantly save time for the both client and adviser while continuing to reinforce the Alexander Hall brand and our standing as forward thinking and digitally enabled organisation.”

    Thibaut concludes, “Alexander Hall hold a pre-eminent place amongst London based brokerages that is reflected in their keenness to ensure they select and deploy a best-of-breed solution.  With changes to our core functionality, proactively reacting to legislative changes and new integrated functionality, we strive to develop a software solution that future proofs existing and future advisers while delivering tangible value to each business.”

  5. Client engagement becoming a strong differentiator to intermediaries

    360 Dot Net is pleased to release its 2017 “year-in-review” infographic that presents strong evidence that clients are willing to digitally engage with advisers throughout the advice process and beyond.

    In 2017 over 22,000 client FactFinds were electronically sent with 80% completed and returned, saving the adviser anything from 45 to 90 minutes of data entry prior to starting the FactFind.  The client portal that helps advisers to send preconfigured actions to request and receive bank statements, payslips and other supporting information electronically had 8,500 new users with 69% of submitted actions completed and returned to the adviser. When investigating the likelihood of actions being completed by specific age group, the 18-24 and 55-64 groups showed the strongest engagement figures compared to the anecdotally time-poor 35-44 and 45-54 demographics.


    Mark Dryden, Business Development Director of 360 Dot Net, commented “the figures demonstrate a willingness from clients to engage themselves into the advice process, especially during the initial data gathering stage.  The obvious benefit is to the client who can provide this information quickly and securely when it is convenient to them, but we should be mindful of the benefits to the adviser – namely speeding up the process and removing unnecessary rekeying between FactFind and CRM.  Of more interest is that once a trusting digital relationship has been established through the portal, how do regular and secure communications then maintain the relationship – certainly the initial signs we’re observing are very encouraging.”

    Dryden continued, “There is a lot of excitement over the opportunities presented by Open Banking in the intermediary sector, the question that hasn’t been answered though is how this is delivered.  Our research suggests that client-facing tools are an extension of the adviser’s digital journey and it is these interfaces where intermediaries can deliver Open Banking capability through trusted and secure sites that fit naturally into the advice journey.”

  6. New Leaf Distribution deploy 360 Lifecycle

    Newleaf distribution

    360 Dot Net are pleased to announce that the New Leaf Distribution network have successfully deployed the full 360 Lifecycle practice management solution with FactFind, integrated sourcing, Client Portal and the 360 Accounts package to its 200 members.

    New Leaf confirmed that client engagement and network payment processing were fundamental factors in their decision-making process of selecting a technology partner. The 360 Client Portal and client-focused FactFind aligned with New Leaf’s desire to embrace client facing functionality that saves advisers time during the initial data gathering as well as encouraging greater client engagement by establishing a digital relationship. The 360 Accounts package allowed New Leaf to save significant administrative costs to reconcile and process payments to both its ARs and RIs across its established network with adviser statement processed electronically.

    Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 reflected on the deployment of 360 Lifecycle and stated “New Leaf were looking to satisfy a number of key and complex requirements.  I’m pleased that we are able to provide them with this – not only meeting those requirements but exceeding them with our client focused products.  Helping advisers deliver a great client experience is at the forefront of our thinking and we are committed to deliver this with industry-defining solutions, like our Client Portal and like our Client FactFind, which I believe sets us apart from our competition.”

    Mark Hobbs, Managing Director of New Leaf Distribution, stated “A network should not only support its members, it should ensure they have the best training and tools to advise their clients.  We saw that 360 were not only capable of providing us with the software to achieve that, but recognised that client engagement is key for advisers to embrace going into the future.  Client engagement is a must-have to bring the client closer to the process and effectively save the adviser time.”

    Thibaut concludes “As a technology provider, it is our duty to stay ahead in the digital revolution and support advisers by continuing to deliver innovative solutions and functionality that keeps New Leaf and our other customers alike ahead of competition.  2018 will see Open Banking integration to permissively extract bank account information and bring that into the FactFind, ID verification and credit reports to enhance the Know-Your-Customer gathering, and MortgageApply functionality to easily push applications directly to lenders.  These new features, along with others, build on our client engagement functionality to reduce the unnecessary pain involved in the advised mortgage process and aligns with our goal to reduce the processing time to keep advisers ahead in the digital world.”

  7. 360 Dot Net strike a partnership with Ingard


    Ingard white

    Ingard, the Compliance Network and Specialist Distributor, has today announced that they will be adopting the 360 Lifecycle CRM system.

    Developed by 360 Dot Net, award winners of CRM tools for Mortgage Brokers, the online Fact Find ensures their members can go fully mobile and saves any re-keying of information when producing pe-approved letters and insurance quotes. With fully integrated Mortgage and Protection sourcing from Twenty7Tec and iPipeline, opportunity management, case management and built-in marketing tools, the new CRM really is the ultimate business tool.

    Nikki Haworth, Sales and Marketing Director said, “When we started the process of choosing a new case management system with integrated sourcing, 360 Dot Net’s system stood out as a clear winner. The multi-channel online Fact Find will be a valuable addition to our adviser’s toolbox. Not only will the intuitive system save time for the adviser, the system’s client portal will also allow a smoother, faster and more transparent flow of communications between the adviser and customer.

    We have been extremely impressed so far with 360’s support and wide range of training materials. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out system training across our nationwide network of advisers and look forward to working in close partnership with 360.”

    Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360, reflected on the selection process where, “Ingard raised a high bar in their selection of a technology provider and I’m delighted to say that they selected 360.  Front and back-office technology is fast becoming a differentiator for major businesses in the financial services sector.  The capabilities in our practice management system, Fact Find and Client Portal, delivers time-saving and opportunity-generating functionality in a secure environment that firmly places Ingard advisers ahead of the competition.”

  8. 360 Dot Net achieve Microsoft Silver Partner recognition

    Silver Partner

    360 Dot Net are delighted to announce the successful enrolment as a Microsoft Silver Partner. With a lengthy pre-qualification procedure entailing business-focused competency assessments, technical examinations and client referrals, 360 have successfully achieved the prestigious Microsoft accreditation.

    360 has a wealth of Microsoft experience, operating as an Independent Software Vendor utilising Microsoft technologies since 2004.  In 2010, 360 Dot Net were one of the early adopters of the then nascent Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, hosting its tenanted practice management CRM solution and instantly realising the flexibility and scalability the platform could offer a start-up development company. With a strong understanding of the core Azure SQL product, 360 has worked closely with the development teams to structure this product and provide beta testing on its SQL Federations and Elastic Scale database products. The Microsoft partnership scheme recognises this wealth of knowledge and experience with 360 continuing to work with Microsoft on its core product features and new offerings around cognitive services.

    Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 comments, “At 360, we have always ensured that we employ not just excellent people who are qualified to fulfil their job role, but individuals who show an eagerness to prove themselves, who will step-up and excel with their career aspirations. Being rewarded with a Microsoft Silver Partner status was finalised by designated members of our Development Team successfully completing high-level technical exams, performing above and beyond their requirements and aligning 360’s high standards.” On 360’s unique participation with the Microsoft development teams, Thibaut concluded that, “We have extensively worked with Microsoft on new functionality that has allowed us to grow our business with unlimited flexibility and scalability; as we continue to define the industry with our innovative solutions, we will continue to work with Microsoft and continue to demonstrate our competency.”

  9. Carlos Thibaut: From startup to market defining development house


    Business success does not simply manifest itself – it requires strength, conviction and above all leadership to direct and translate intention into action, opportunities into sales, revenue into profitability.  Many businesses chart their progression through milestones and phases, however, it is events and transformational changes that its stakeholders remember.

    In 2010, 360 Dot Net Ltd was a fledgling start-up with four members of staff supporting 150 users, most of whom were primarily associated to 360 Dot Net’s parent group, Lifetime Financial Management Ltd.  At that time, the decision was taken to present 360’s proposition to a larger market and enter a sector that has and continues to be poorly provisioned in terms of software capability.  A sector that has failed to ensure that software should reduce costs, increase opportunities and become a practical tool that maximises what intermediaries and advisers do, providing a complete and holistic service to their client banks.

    Today, 360 Dot Net supports over 5,000 users across three networks and a growing Directly Authorised sector. It isn’t coincidence that 360 can chart its growth and success from its appointment of Carlos Thibaut as Managing Director of 360 in 2010.  Following his appointment, he structured the organisation to expand 360’s Development Department and support foreseeable plans of advancement, Ozgur Unlu was introduced as the newly appointed Managing Director and Carlos was presented with the opportunity to fulfil the open role as 360′s CEO.  The new structure paid dividends in 2013 where 360 was deployed to all members of the Intrinsic network and allowed the scope to plan other strategic investments.

    2014 saw 360 welcoming its second network, the HLPartnership (HLP) and the agreement to build 360’s point of sale system that closed the functionality gap of 360’s technical proposition and delivered the first fully integrated FactFind with mortgage, protection and GI sourcing.  In 2015, Carlos was fundamental in securing investment from a Global FTSE 100 company who took a minority shareholding in the company.  Finally, 2016 saw Knight Frank Finance, one of the 360’s prestigious Directly Authorised brands, using 360’s full software offering after a lengthy technical and security due diligence period, where 360 was selected over larger and more established competitors.

    Carlos’ profound experience of the financial services sector, coupled with qualifying and embracing technological trends, has enabled 360 to become a major player within the intermediary space and obtain a standalone proposition in the FinTech market. Defining the industry by addressing trends and alignment to client requirements has helped 360 to establish innovative ways to adapt an ever-changing and challenging industry.

    Carlos reflecting on the future commented “It is only through establishing and maintaining a digital relationship with the client that advisers can hope to effectively deliver self-service and Robo-enabled capabilities at an intermediary level. As a technology company, it is our role to provide intermediaries and networks with those building blocks that such functions can stand upon.  360’s success and that of its users is reliant on our responsibility to remain proactive, readily address innovative ideas and deliver solutions that keep our advisers ahead in our digital world.”

    If you would like to nominate Carlos as Innovation Advocate in this year’s British Mortgage Awards, please click here.

  10. iPipeline’s SolutionBuilder® integrates with 360 Dotnet’s CMS, 360 Lifecycle

    360 iPipeline

    iPipeline® – a leading provider of next-generation solutions and services to the life and pensions market – today announced that SolutionBuilder, their client-centric, research, quote and apply portal, has integrated with 360 Dotnet’s client management system, 360 Lifecycle.

    Accessing SolutionBuilder via 360 Lifecycle allows advisers to research and compare both single and multi-benefit protection products on one screen. Client data is entered and stored within 360 Lifecycle, when it is then securely entered into SolutionBuilder, enabling advisers to research and quote multiple products including Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection with minimal data input. Results can be compared side by side, enabling advisers to easily identify the best product(s) for their clients.

    Following a successful pilot with Lifetime Group, advisers who already have access to SolutionBuilder can now take advantage of the integration and benefit from further time saving when researching, quoting and applying for protection. Key documents are taken from SolutionBuilder back into 360 Lifecycle for further reference and compliance purposes.

    Paul Merrigan, Group CEO of Lifetime Group, commented: “We want to provide our advisers with the most efficient and productive tools possible to allow them to address their clients’ needs in the most effective manner. SolutionBuilder supports our focus on simplifying the protection advice process for our advisers. Our advisers will be better prepared with multiple options and costs on one screen allowing a simple but effective way to address clients’ needs and to increase efficiency.”

    Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline commented: “SolutionBuilder has a track record of growing protection business. We can demonstrate significant growth in the number of multi-benefit sales along with a marked increase in premium values when user groups move to SolutionBuilder. Working with progressive companies, such as Lifetime Group and 360 Dotnet, allows us to further demonstrate how technology like SolutionBuilder is key in helping drive protection sales and enabling advisers to deliver the best possible client outcomes.”

    Carlos Thibaut, CEO, 360 Dotnet added: “We are delighted to add SolutionBuilder into 360′s integrated mortgage, protection and GI sourcing software. 360 Lifecycle makes the task of sourcing multiple product types as frictionless as possible by merging individual product sourcing into one solution and reusing the data that advisers normally have to rekey into different platforms. Enhancing our software with SolutionBuilder increases the options available to our users to deliver the best possible service and products to their clients with minimal effort.”