1. “After years of using other CRM systems, we decided to investigate the alternatives available. We were keen to improve our processes and the systems we were using would not support our future expansion plans.

In January 2018 we met with several businesses offering alternatives but there was a company which stood out way ahead of the rest, this being 360 Dotnet. They had a great system but what attracted us most was their plans to improve and develop their offering significantly. This was very aligned to our plans, but we could not start our journey without joining theirs.

From this, to contacting Dhaneer Popat all the way through to our training with David Wressell in June 2019, the whole experience was exceptional.

22 Advisers, 8 Administrators, our Management team & our Accounts department were trained over a 3 day period with David Wressell. This was done to a very high standard. 6 hours of classroom training can be challenging to both deliver and receive but it was delivered superbly, it was engaging throughout. Everyone at our business left the training excited about the new opportunity the system presents, and this was a testament to David and his delivery. We have also had follow up sessions which have been extremely beneficial and much more detailed now we are actively using the system. Thank you again David.

In addition to this onboarding, we decided to import our client data from our previous CRM provider. Historically, when we joined previous CRM providers, we opted to keep our old system active for client data and run both. Eventually, this proved to be a mistake, so we were keen to get back to using one system. The import was considered and reviewed diligently by Nathan & Jack at 360 and whilst there was a lot of data checking, the eventual outcome was one we were very happy with. The hardest part was getting good data out of our old system but once this had been achieved Nathan and the team were working around the clock for us to get it in ASAP. Absolutely everything we had in our previous CRM provider was imported over, from client details to documents and mortgage expiry dates.

We couldn’t be happier with the new system and have now been using it since 1st July 2019. We are very excited about the future developments that are being made and the further efficiency improvements this will make to our process.

Whilst we made minor changes in the past, our core processes remained the same and were very paper based. With this, we would never be able to give our Advisers more time to see and help clients without improving in this area. Thanks to 360, we have now gone 99% paper free using tablets in meetings for fact finding and presenting to clients. Advisers saw efficiency improvements within days following the launch which was incredible to see. We anticipate being able to work 50% smarter with the change and 360 are at the core of that.”

From all of us at Cooper Associates – thank you to 360 and the whole team for supporting us