360 Dot Net achieve Microsoft Silver Partner recognition

Silver Partner

360 Dot Net are delighted to announce the successful enrolment as a Microsoft Silver Partner. With a lengthy pre-qualification procedure entailing business-focused competency assessments, technical examinations and client referrals, 360 have successfully achieved the prestigious Microsoft accreditation.

360 has a wealth of Microsoft experience, operating as an Independent Software Vendor utilising Microsoft technologies since 2004.  In 2010, 360 Dot Net were one of the early adopters of the then nascent Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, hosting its tenanted practice management CRM solution and instantly realising the flexibility and scalability the platform could offer a start-up development company. With a strong understanding of the core Azure SQL product, 360 has worked closely with the development teams to structure this product and provide beta testing on its SQL Federations and Elastic Scale database products. The Microsoft partnership scheme recognises this wealth of knowledge and experience with 360 continuing to work with Microsoft on its core product features and new offerings around cognitive services.

Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 comments, “At 360, we have always ensured that we employ not just excellent people who are qualified to fulfil their job role, but individuals who show an eagerness to prove themselves, who will step-up and excel with their career aspirations. Being rewarded with a Microsoft Silver Partner status was finalised by designated members of our Development Team successfully completing high-level technical exams, performing above and beyond their requirements and aligning 360’s high standards.” On 360’s unique participation with the Microsoft development teams, Thibaut concluded that, “We have extensively worked with Microsoft on new functionality that has allowed us to grow our business with unlimited flexibility and scalability; as we continue to define the industry with our innovative solutions, we will continue to work with Microsoft and continue to demonstrate our competency.”