Carlos Thibaut: From startup to market defining development house


Business success does not simply manifest itself – it requires strength, conviction and above all leadership to direct and translate intention into action, opportunities into sales, revenue into profitability.  Many businesses chart their progression through milestones and phases, however, it is events and transformational changes that its stakeholders remember.

In 2010, 360 Dot Net Ltd was a fledgling start-up with four members of staff supporting 150 users, most of whom were primarily associated to 360 Dot Net’s parent group, Lifetime Financial Management Ltd.  At that time, the decision was taken to present 360’s proposition to a larger market and enter a sector that has and continues to be poorly provisioned in terms of software capability.  A sector that has failed to ensure that software should reduce costs, increase opportunities and become a practical tool that maximises what intermediaries and advisers do, providing a complete and holistic service to their client banks.

Today, 360 Dot Net supports over 5,000 users across three networks and a growing Directly Authorised sector. It isn’t coincidence that 360 can chart its growth and success from its appointment of Carlos Thibaut as Managing Director of 360 in 2010.  Following his appointment, he structured the organisation to expand 360’s Development Department and support foreseeable plans of advancement, Ozgur Unlu was introduced as the newly appointed Managing Director and Carlos was presented with the opportunity to fulfil the open role as 360′s CEO.  The new structure paid dividends in 2013 where 360 was deployed to all members of the Intrinsic network and allowed the scope to plan other strategic investments.

2014 saw 360 welcoming its second network, the HLPartnership (HLP) and the agreement to build 360’s point of sale system that closed the functionality gap of 360’s technical proposition and delivered the first fully integrated FactFind with mortgage, protection and GI sourcing.  In 2015, Carlos was fundamental in securing investment from a Global FTSE 100 company who took a minority shareholding in the company.  Finally, 2016 saw Knight Frank Finance, one of the 360’s prestigious Directly Authorised brands, using 360’s full software offering after a lengthy technical and security due diligence period, where 360 was selected over larger and more established competitors.

Carlos’ profound experience of the financial services sector, coupled with qualifying and embracing technological trends, has enabled 360 to become a major player within the intermediary space and obtain a standalone proposition in the FinTech market. Defining the industry by addressing trends and alignment to client requirements has helped 360 to establish innovative ways to adapt an ever-changing and challenging industry.

Carlos reflecting on the future commented “It is only through establishing and maintaining a digital relationship with the client that advisers can hope to effectively deliver self-service and Robo-enabled capabilities at an intermediary level. As a technology company, it is our role to provide intermediaries and networks with those building blocks that such functions can stand upon.  360’s success and that of its users is reliant on our responsibility to remain proactive, readily address innovative ideas and deliver solutions that keep our advisers ahead in our digital world.”

If you would like to nominate Carlos as Innovation Advocate in this year’s British Mortgage Awards, please click here.