Carlos Thibaut – Innovation Advocate

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In the age of the digital revolution, innovation is at the core of everything we do; it is pivotal in defining success, providing a software which aligns industry requirements and shapes processes for mortgage and protection specialists to effectively manage and control their business. Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 Dot Net, is at the forefront of 360’s business and software developments, striving to mitigate the inefficiencies which plague the industry, whilst using technology to redefine processes making genuine change for advisers and their clients.

360 has positioned itself with Carlos as the thought-leader, who is ambitious to deliver solutions which challenge and disrupt the advice process for the better. Projecting his aspirations, Carlos has stated, “our role is to deliver the heavy-lifting processes to allow advisers more time to spend with clients, adding value through advice and building long-term relationships.”

In 2017, Carlos was ‘In the Spotlight’ for the Financial Reporter publication, where he was interviewed on his idea of the advised mortgage process taking no longer than 30 minutes. He posited the opinion referring to the utilisation of the 360 CRM with FactFind, integrated sourcing and client-engaging features such as the FactFind and Portal. He elaborated on how 360 can join the dots together for advisers, creating a sales process which flows, eliminates the rekeying of data and incorporates client-engagement to make huge time savings –  which will only be enhanced by future advancements prevailing within the industry, such as open-banking and direct to lender submission. Carlos’ vision is that all data required for underwriting mortgages, protection and financial products, should be passed directly from clients (using their 360 portal) to manufacturers.

Changing the way intermediaries operate is challenging, but by repositioning the mortgage process and introducing innovative, new solutions such as the Client FactFind and Client Portal, it has drastically changed the way the advice process is conducted and is evidently valued… 360’s 2017 year-end results, show that over 22,000 client FactFinds were sent last year, with over 80% being completed and returned back to the adviser. This can save anywhere between 45-90 minutes of an adviser’s time, whilst enabling clients to complete their data in their own time and in their own terms. Carlos has played a fundamental role in vaunting the significant capabilities that client engagement can bring to intermediaries, and it is through incorporating these small changes to processes that can make huge differences.

Supporting 15% of the industry’s mortgage advisers, with four networks and prestigious DA businesses such as Knight Frank Finance and Alexander Hall, it becomes increasingly apparent that the ‘small start-up in 2010 with just four members of staff and 150 users’ has grown from strength to strength with Carlos’ input as CEO. His desire to deliver an ambitious roadmap year after year, helps to safeguard advisers in the dynamic industry, it provides industry-defining technologies and ensures that 360 are continually delivering their mission statement: ‘keeping advisers ahead in the digital world’.

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