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    1. “After years of using other CRM systems, we decided to investigate the alternatives available. We were keen to improve our processes and the systems we were using would not support our future expansion plans.

    In January 2018 we met with several businesses offering alternatives but there was a company which stood out way ahead of the rest, this being 360 Dotnet. They had a great system but what attracted us most was their plans to improve and develop their offering significantly. This was very aligned to our plans, but we could not start our journey without joining theirs.

    From this, to contacting Dhaneer Popat all the way through to our training with David Wressell in June 2019, the whole experience was exceptional.

    22 Advisers, 8 Administrators, our Management team & our Accounts department were trained over a 3 day period with David Wressell. This was done to a very high standard. 6 hours of classroom training can be challenging to both deliver and receive but it was delivered superbly, it was engaging throughout. Everyone at our business left the training excited about the new opportunity the system presents, and this was a testament to David and his delivery. We have also had follow up sessions which have been extremely beneficial and much more detailed now we are actively using the system. Thank you again David.

    In addition to this onboarding, we decided to import our client data from our previous CRM provider. Historically, when we joined previous CRM providers, we opted to keep our old system active for client data and run both. Eventually, this proved to be a mistake, so we were keen to get back to using one system. The import was considered and reviewed diligently by Nathan & Jack at 360 and whilst there was a lot of data checking, the eventual outcome was one we were very happy with. The hardest part was getting good data out of our old system but once this had been achieved Nathan and the team were working around the clock for us to get it in ASAP. Absolutely everything we had in our previous CRM provider was imported over, from client details to documents and mortgage expiry dates.

    We couldn’t be happier with the new system and have now been using it since 1st July 2019. We are very excited about the future developments that are being made and the further efficiency improvements this will make to our process.

    Whilst we made minor changes in the past, our core processes remained the same and were very paper based. With this, we would never be able to give our Advisers more time to see and help clients without improving in this area. Thanks to 360, we have now gone 99% paper free using tablets in meetings for fact finding and presenting to clients. Advisers saw efficiency improvements within days following the launch which was incredible to see. We anticipate being able to work 50% smarter with the change and 360 are at the core of that.”

    From all of us at Cooper Associates – thank you to 360 and the whole team for supporting us 

  1. “I have been using 360 since January and found the system very easy to use, the clients love the portal and the security it gives them for sharing their personal documents.

    Since using 360 I have been able to organise my workload and contacts more effectively and manage customer expectations in a more professional, efficient and streamlined process.  The clients have been more responsive to sending documents and communicating through the portal, and as a result my client bank and mortgage business and protection has increased tremendously since January.

    The training given at the start, and ongoing by the team has been brilliant and very supportive, highlighting features to make our lives easier. They also take on board suggestions of how things can be adapted to help us going forward. I would highly recommend 360 as a comprehensive software to compliment advisers’ businesses.”

    - Sharon Kennedy, Premier Mortgages

  2. “I have been using 360 since my inception with SimplyBiz, the system is brilliant, I run my whole company through it. From client management to factfinds and Gabriel reporting, I can honestly say there is not another system that comes remotely close to this one. It is constantly being improved on the perfection it already delivers.”

    - Peter Simpson, MME FS

  3. “We started to use 360 Lifecycle in March, after trialling a number of sourcing and CRM systems, and can honestly say 360 is far and away the best we have found. Since using 360 we have drastically cut down the time taken to compliantly record a sale and sale file; our protection sales have increased considerably also.

    To have the adviser diary, factfind, mortgage sourcing, protection sourcing, back office, compliance and commission / adviser payments on one platform is such a breath of fresh air compared to the numerous disjointed systems we were using previously.

    I can also say that the support team are the best and most responsive software help desk that I have dealt with, call them with a problem, or something that you need explaining, and invariably they resolve the issue there and then.

    My only regret is that I didn’t implement 360 Lifecycle into our business earlier!”

    - Sam Clarke, CSC Financial

  4. Don’t just take our word for it…


    “360 is an amazing system, it’s 100% on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere, whether you’re on holiday, in the office or with a client. It’s got an amazing client management tool, and it minimises the inputting, only having to input the information once, from the FactFind and that information carries on right to application.”

    Akram Abraham
    St George Commercial Financial Brokers

    “360 helps us to recruit more advisers, and the hurdles that you have to go through when talking about process and systems, when you talk about 360 in line with Twenty7Tec, Uinsure, iPipeline, all the systems in one place, it really helps in terms of that first hurdle and in relation to recruitment in general, it has helped me and it’s one of those things we don’t have to worry about now – it’s great!”

    Mark Hobbs
    New Leaf Distribution


    “We’re embracing 360 by using the Action Centre and the Client FactFind, we like to send it to clients to immediately engage with them, we give them a shopping list of things we want them to do, we point them towards a credit check through ‘check my File’, we get them to send their passports, their income, their bank statements, credit card statements; and if they engage with us, we know they’re serious.”

    Marcus Rolle
    One Stop Finance


    “360 is absolutely amazing, the amount of work that you’ve put into it, and it’s so user-friendly. Every single case that I have, I send the client the actual FactFind for them to fill out for me and send it back. I have been doing this for 3 years and I’ve only had to fill out one client fact in this time. It’s saving me time, and my clients, because they’re not physically coming to see me, they’re doing it in the comfort of their own home, they can do it on their phone, an iPad, or they can do it at work on their break, wherever they want to do it, it’s so convenient and I think it’s brilliant.”

    Harvey Claire
    Butterfly Financial Services.


    360 Dotnet is ideal for our business delivering true benefits to our day to day operation. The Support Team are second to none; quick to respond, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I particularly like the remote support service they can provide as and when necessary. There’s a great comfort to the end user watching the support specialist guide them through the application (real-time) to the resolution of their particular query. By default a good learning tool….. Great product and great support team!

    Stephen Potter
    KS Mortgages


    I often see people searching, on LinkedIn, for ‘what’s the best CRM system?’ I’m often bemused and it strikes me! We use 360 Dot Net and that thought never hits us. We already know! 360 Dot Net is an enabler. It enables business, it helps to deliver great client outcomes. The campaign manager facility is terrific and I could go on. End-to-end, 360 Dot Net is sublime. We also know that they are planning for the future in a very serious way. Where others creak, 360 Dot Net is forever improving.

    David Owen
    Lifetime Wealth


    360 is great, it gives me all the information I need on my clients immediately, I can access all of their old data which helps me with the processing of cases going forwards, I love it.

    Cathy Mcdougall
    Cath Wood Finance


    I cannot believe how quick the system works, it’s unbelievable, thanks so much for your help!

    Mark Scott
    Positive Impact Financial Services ltd


    From day one I have been using 360, absolutely professional, the online FactFind is amazing, fabulous, not wasting my time or clients’ and it gives the client a great service. It’s one of those things I’ve been telling everyone, I’ve been a mentor for my own team because they were all with Trigold and Mortgage Stream and they all joined 360 last year. Everyone using it has been telling me about 360 and how it is better than Trigold and Mortgage stream.

    Praful Suvarna
    Bragagnini Associates


    Extremely great client management tool. Very easy to use. Client friendly and it’s all designed to promote business sales, not just compliance.

    Peter Hunt
    Moneywatch Finance


    The Client FactFind is very useful, it saves a lot of time on the phone with the client to be able to complete a FactFind in their own time, maybe in an evening, a bit here, a bit there to be able to complete it properly and get all the information together. It’s very effective.

    Alan Osbourne
    Mortgage Plus


    Absolutely fantastic, second to none. Wish we’d had it years ago. The ability to send a FactFind to a client, what a boom that is.

    Ian Vanspall
    Money Matters


    Using the 360 FactFind to source products has saved me a significant amount of time. 360’s integrated FactFind and sourcing has meant that the process of sourcing products for my clients is much quicker; data is seamlessly transferred from the FactFind on to Uinsure, and the integration with 360 Lifecycle means that cases are created for me; it used to take me half an hour, but now the time has dropped to just under ten minutes.

    Daljit Kaur
    Lifetime Group.


    360 Office enables our small team of 4 administrators to manage case pipelines for over 25 Advisers efficiently, without impacting on either our excellent compliance or client service record.  Our case type and reviews range from all forms of Financial Planning, Mortgages, Protection, GI, as well as referred business, all of which are easy to progress and monitor using 360. The Workflow management system is excellent and enables the user to have complete control over a case, as well as being both user-friendly and extremely intuitive.

    Melanie Dean
    FA92 Group Ltd


    360 is a huge step out of the dark ages from the previous tool we’ve used

    Ben Jeffries
    Knight Frank Finance


    360 is such an easy system, it flows seamlessly. Sourcing mortgages and sourcing protection products is very easy and the system is a very quick system to use, I’ve used other systems in the past, and I don’t think that they compare.

    The best part of 360 is the sourcing element of the system, certainly for the protection side of things, effectively being whole of market and having access to all of those providers; from a cost point of view for my clients, it’s fantastic.

    The data entry, whether it’s a case I just want to source a potential product, or complete a FactFind and then source a product, I can do that within ten minutes.

    Daniel Farley
    Morgan Financial Solutions


    The best bits [of 360] for us is the management of incoming leads and allocating them to someone internally, and also understanding and knowing where they’re from; we use that functionality all the time.

    As more of our clients are on there, we’re using it more for client reviews, prompting review dates.  We do that anyway as it’s good to have it on the system and recording an audit trail.  We have hundreds of clients, so it’s hard knowing where we are sometimes; it’s stupid having a notebook that you can lose, that’s what we were using before, so it’s a massive change from that.

    Owrang Rahmani
    Credius Wealth limited


    I find the system straight forward, it’s good to use and it just helps the business in general. I think you can tell how seamless it is, that there’s a lot of work gone into it, and I’m very pleased with it.

    The Client FactFind is saving us time, most of them are completing it, sending it back without too much of a drama. It’s saving us time so we can be more proactive and get more business.

    Laurie Dymock
    Morgan Financial Solutions


    360 is the best thing that ever happened to [our network]. Really useful, we use it for everything including our wills and estate planning.

    Stuart Borthwick
    Dartmoor Financial


    360 is a fantastic platform that supports all the services that you can offer as an independent financial adviser.  It’s very intuitive and very easy to use. It integrates absolutely every kind of product you want to sell, provide or advise on the POS. 360 is quite frankly one of the best systems I’ve ever used. It makes my life much easier!  Fantastic, I couldn’t live without it!

    Leo Dan
    R Young Financial Consulting Limited


    With regards to your support, you’ve always been there at the end of the phone with a quick response, and I’ve never had any queries that haven’t been responded to or redeemed within a suitable period, excellent, thank you very much.

    Dale Baird
    Citrus Financial


    360 is the best CRM I have used, and I’ve been in the business for twenty years. Using the Advisor system has allowed me to streamline my diary and leads, and the accounts package makes a complex process easy, to the point where I can simply hand the reports on to my accountant. This is backed up by an extremely knowledgeable and friendly support team who are always happy to help regardless of the enquiry. The People and Tools are adding value to our business.

    Paul Fadoju
    Principle Consultant
    Fadders Consultancy


    Please accept my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your training for my company. The pace, quantity and quality in delivering it was first class. The feedback from my team has been so positive.

    Once again my sincere thanks for the training and also getting my company involved with 360.

    Peter Simpson
    Managing Director
    MME. Ltd


    Just thought I would let you know that we have received our first commission payment from Sortrefer. I honestly think the system is a big improvement on other systems available.It seems to be cleaner, communication is easier, and the commissions seem nice and simple to understand. Everything about it is just simple. We received an email after 14 days, saying that the client had not returned the initial pack back to the solicitors which allowed us to chase it up.
    Fantastic service will continue to use.

    Mark Finch Director
    MJF Financial Services


    Originally, I decided to subscribe to 360 in an effort to ensure that I didn’t lose my clients data, mainly for the purpose of re-mortgages, as this was and still is of huge importance to me. However, over time I’ve found myself using the system more and more, especially for annual reviews and automatic reminders that regularly appear in my Hot Box which have resulted in additional business. On a personal note, ensuring that I remember every clients re-mortgage date is invaluable and easily outweighs the cost of the system. Moving forward, and as I expand, I am planning to engage with the additional functionality 360 has to offer

    Lee Forster
    Positive Solutions


    Great demonstration of 360 advisor, Russell was very informative. Having been in the business for 5 weeks I had managed to navigate round the system and learn things for myself, however I picked up some useful tips on use of hotbox and the ability to send client letters and general appointment booking which as I am not client facing yet I have not used as much apart from dummy test case I used on advisor to play around with hotbox

    Paul Murfitt
    Bright Advice


    Very clear, very well explained. Excellent trainer. We should have more like Russell

    Manesh Patel
    Charles Derby


    Implementation of the additional Workflow module has made the overall case management e.g. chasing of lenders and communication with clients far easier and more efficient for administration as all the details are accessible from one central screen.  360 has also improved the communication channels between clients and ourselves through the texting and email functionality (fully audited) and keeping clients more up to date through their re-mortgage, life and pension processes etc… This enables us to provide a more professional and efficient service.  The completions and the sending of TCF questionnaires has become a much more simpler process for administration, saving time and unnecessary paperwork whilst 360 has increased overall business through the automatic review system.

    Could we also point out that we have received excellent support from your sales team initially to help us through the implementation period but this has remained ongoing through our time using the 360 system which has been extremely helpful to both admin and advisers which has been most impressive.

    Jane Holland,
    Financial Administrator,
    Broadview Financial Services


    I recently decided to update our clients’ records and achieved this by using Campaign Manager. With the excellent support received by the team at I quickly created a SMS campaign to be sent to all clients with a mobile telephone asking them to click on a link to update their records, provide us with an email address and a box for any other questions. Over the course of January I sent 3 campaigns and absolutely see that as a super communication tool going forward. SMS campaign 1 was a link to click, SMS campaign 2, provided a number for people to call in to update their details and SMS campaign 3, along with reminding them that they would be entered into a draw to win a bottle of Champagne provided the link again.

    We have received in excess of 500 client updates and 20 appointments with clients as a result of this campaign.

    Going forward, I can see huge potential in utilising Campaign Manager to generate business opportunities through our own client bank.

    Nick Lane
    Communications and Distribution Manager
    Charles Derby Group LTD


    I just wanted to drop you an email to sing the praises of your support staff and in particular Stevie Wimlett who has just took my call. Firstly, the call was answered within seconds and then Stevie wasted no time logging onto my system and helping me with my query – fantastic service.

    I am sure it will be the first call of many until I master the system but really enjoying how efficient the programme is.

    Think Positive


    Impact Financial Associates are financial planning / Mortgage Intermediary based in Burton on Trent.
    We believe our existing clients are the foundation to our business. To create a strong foundation we required a system that enabled us to keep in touch with each and every client on product renewal and in addition would also flagged an annual review.
    From our start up in Nov 2007 we trialled several back office / clients management systems, however, nothing really delivered our perfect concept of “keeping in touch with our clients” until 360 came along.
    360 was still in its infancy when we made the decision to adopt it for Impact, we were nervous as changing meant work load in re keying client information in addition to the Intrinsic imports but no pain no gain. After the initial tidy up we were pleased we had found a system which finally delivered what it said on the tin !
    Frequent updates followed, each improving the 360 system further, teething problems have disappeared and the updates are now enhancement rather than fixes.
    The legendary “hotbox” has enabled us to ensure no clients are missed along side the client servicing proposition which ensures we deliver our commitment for financial services regulation.
    Our clients receive a “Happy Birthday from all at Impact” on their special day via campaign manager which help sets us apart from the competition. We have also used the campaign manager to obtain additional business on a regular basis. This also counts towards “keeping in touch with our clients” as each contact we make is registered in the clients file giving an audit trail.
    We use the Client survey religiously once again satisfying FCA requirements and giving audit trail, using feedback in consultant 1:2:1′s but more importantly giving an opportunity to speak with the clients to obtain referrals.
    The reporting system is fantastic enabling virtually any report to be extracted and from experience if something isn’t available 360 will develop it. For example:
    We had the idea of an electronic ATR being developed the same way as the client survey. 360 listened, thought this could be useful to not only us but other companies and this is about to be launched in a future update.
    All of the 360 team are so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable they find solutions not excuses. They feel like part of the Impact team not another company.
    To summarise, 360 has grown with us and continues to help us to grow.

    Andrea Shakh
    Impact Financial Associates Limited
    Impact Wealth Management Limited


    ‘I have used the Electronic TCF Questionnaire facility for several years. It is easy to use, creates an audit trail from date sent to date received but also provides feedback and potential new opportunities for now and in the future direct from the client. After completion of any sale, with 2 clicks of the mouse the electronic feedback questionnaire is sent documented date and also received documented date. Fast, easy to use, efficient and satisfying my requirement for treating customers fairly.
    The new Web App is a revolution for my business as it allows me to access to all my clients information within seconds. The app allows me to speak with any client at any time with all relevant information about client policies and or mortgage information wherever I am. Fantastic facility while out and about’.

    Andrew Dunster, Andrew Dunster Associates


    “We started using the full 360 Lifecycle system at the back end of 2013. Once you get to know the system it is easy to use. It is regularly updated and any problems we find are borne in mind when updates occur.

    Since using 360 Lifecycle our productivity has increased dramatically and it’s an easy way of keeping in contact with our clients so they feel we are dealing with their needs constantly, resulting in them staying with us and increased new business.

    Now attachments can be included within email campaigns it makes sending out our client newsletters each month so much easier also.

    360 Lifecycle is certainly a system to use and makes the business flow more easily, therefore giving us more time to deal with other matters”.

    John & Tracey Inkley of Advanced Mortgage Solutions.


    “Love the new ATR q’aire and had a successful play with it today.”

    Dawn Gale
    Company Principle
    Blueprint Southwest LTD


    “Now that we have been operating with the 360 system within our business for over 12 months, I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are. Implementing the system really has streamlined our company, so much so that we have increased business levels by over 30%. It enables us to monitor our existing client accounts so efficiently that we are able to focus our time and efforts on growing our client bank, without having to concern ourselves, on a day to day basis with when client reviews are due. Our administration department has also benefited greatly, enabling each staff member to effectively double the amount of cases they are dealing with. The support 360 provide is also extremely helpful and are a pleasure to deal with. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the positive impact the system has had on our business.”

    Ian Pollock
    Managing Director
    Marquis Financial Services Ltd


    ‘As a Financial Services company we appreciate the cost of lead generation, it is therefore imperative that we keep in touch with our existing clients. 360 Lifecycle has helped to increase our turnover considerably by ensuring that no opportunities for business are missed, with the use of the unique “hotbox”. The campaign manager is excellent and another opportunity as a business generator requiring very little effort. Our clients love the “Happy Birthday” Texts they receive on their special day, giving us the edge over our competitors.”We look forward to working with 360 in the future, taking advantage of their developments and utilising their knowledge and expertise of our market.’

    Andrea Shakh
    Director of Impact Financial Associates Ltd


    The System is a huge time saver, you’re able to centralise and prioritise all information in ‘Hotbox’ and the system even communicates with Outlook providing us with a centralised and potentially a paper-free method of managing and growing our business.

    Elisa Little
    Core Financial Planning


    I sent 60 emails to clients a couple of weeks ago as part of the Mortgage No Protection campaign and it’s already generated nine pieces of business for my company.

    Peter Simpson
    Principal of MME Limited


    I would like to thank your colleague Kealy Wal who was extremely helpful and courteous. I look forward to working with the 360.Net team in the near future

    James Harley
    Head of Financial Operations & MI, Amicus Wealth


    I would not hesitate in recommending the system and have done so on several occasions. I am a more organised person and can prove my value to all my customers now, because every time I contact them I am creating an audit of our relationship.

    Steve McKernan
    JDA Financial Securities/Mortgage Masters


    Having viewed a number of systems I would have no hesitation in recommending Lifecycle 360. Its ease of use and fantastic Management Information, combined with the excellent Campaign Manager puts it streets ahead of most other competitors
    It gives me instant access to information, and information is power.
    Previous business documents can be accessed easily, which gives you a better picture when speaking to clients.

    I feel in total control because of systematic recording of actions taken with clients and the diary follow-up (hotbox)

    I am able to generate sales because the Hotbox pulls through annual reviews and sales opportunities are also pulled through from TCF survey.

    The system highlights future sales opportunities for me.

    The HotBox is a powerful tool for keeping up-to-date with opportunities.

    I like the fact that you can upload client docs. This is much easier than having paper files everywhere.

    When a lender requests a document we can just upload it to their system straight away. Very time efficient.

    When used properly it helps me be more organised.

    What I like about 360 Lifecycle is the way you can collate client data all in one place as opposed to having many files for the same clients.

    When you spoke of your support people I must admit I was a little sceptical as, in my experience support teams don’t often match up to their name – your team really does.