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  1. You might lose your keys, but not your documents

    Lost Keys

    Unstructured data is notoriously difficult to organise, but a necessary part of the advice process.  Files, documents and emails should be collected, recorded and stored against each case in a structured manner that allows easy and secure access along with the option reorganise these in an efficient and logical manner.

    Of course, organisation and structure only come to fruition not during the exercise of recording and storage, but when you actually need it.  It’s not dissimilar to finding lost keys.  Do they have the magical ability to disappear or wander off, or are they exactly where you left them in the first place?  For the forgetful initiated, the bowl by the front door or key rack is your first defence, and in the CRM world, it’s the 360 Case Record.

    By default, the 360 Case Record provides a secure repository and structure based on what actions you’re performing at the time.  Documents related to opportunity are stored against the appropriate opportunity folder, likewise with Sale Events where snapshots of the FactFind, documents provided by the client and the Suitability Report are stored in the appropriate Sale Event folder.  This brings a natural clarity when dealing with documents during the advice process.

    Into the fulfilment process advisers, administrators and compliance staff can easily peruse and reorganise documents in a ‘File Explorer’ style environment with the ability to create folders, sub-folders, copy or move files, and view in different styles or organise by date, all within an interface that virtually most people are already familiar with.  Add the option to then search documents and we’ve gone beyond the key rack or bowl.

    If you would like to find out more information about the 360 CRM, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team, who are happy to help with any product queries.

  2. Playing from the baseline: storage, security and a safe-place

    Client Portal - Doc security

    Storage and security go hand in hand. You wouldn’t choose a ‘safe-place’ to store your possessions if there was no key and lock provided; you wouldn’t announce a family holiday and not lock your front door; or you wouldn’t abandon your car with the keys still in the ignition. But how about the storage of data? The bread and butter of your business.

    The toing and froing of data, documents and communications whilst processing a mortgage becomes almost like a boring game of tennis. The requirement is served by the adviser, acknowledged by the client and driven back. But the retrieval, storage and processing of the personal data requires the guarantee of a secure delivery, each and every time.

    360’s Client Portal is a secure repository for advisers and clients to send and retrieve documentation, transmit actions and share messages. Required business processes can be fulfilled and clients can confidently upload and send their personal data such as proof of income, three-month’s utility bills and evidence of residency. The seamless and timely transaction of document sharing ensures security with documents being fully-audited and stored in the cloud and on 360 case records. The process saves numerous hours of time for both parties with the elimination of unnecessary meetings and enabling clients to fulfil actions in their own terms and in their own time.

    With the GDPR update requiring greater scrutiny of the security, integrity and the accessibility of client data, the Client Portal provides a mutual channel of contact between advisers and clients which draws processes together to engage clients, provide a platform for instant communications and a safe-place to send, receive and access personal data.  Put another way, the Client Portal can be your best foot forward without the bark of “fault”.

    If you would like to find out more information about the 360 Client Portal, or any of the features in 360 Lifecycle’s product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team, who are happy to help with any product queries.

  3. Relationships, applying the personal to the professional

    Campaign Manager

    What’s important in your relationship? Trust, loyalty, honesty? They’re all valued facets, but they’re not just established after the first encounter; it takes consistency, familiarity and regular communication to build a valued relationship. This isn’t just relevant in a romantic relationship, but in any partnership, whether it’s husband and wife, manager and employee or financial adviser and clients.

    Regular and timely communications bridge the gaps between one service and the next. The 360 Campaign Manager functionality provides advisers with the ability to segment, drip and target marketing communications across client bases to build and maintain relationships.

    Whether customising an SMS, letter or email template, clients can be filtered using the Campaign Manager query-builder tool. Distribution lists can be generated in seconds according to preference of “whose birthday is it today?”, “whose mortgage is three-months away from its policy end-date?”, or “which of my clients are not covered?”. This can fulfil specific client needs, which may not have been recognised yet, strengthen relationships and reduce the churn of clients by proactively capturing opportunities.

    The segmented lists of clients can be exported externally from 360, enabling the possibility to deliver communications through external marketing systems and record those actions against each client for compliance and auditing purposes.

    Consistency, familiarity and regular communications can be fulfilled within the 360 Campaign Manager functionality, enabling advisers to generate great client relationships, customer loyalty and thus, retention. If you would like to find out more information about 360’s Campaign Manager functionality, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  4. Robots Automating Reviews

    We often hear or make the nervous joke about robots taking over the world, but if technology can automate processes, securely store huge repositories of data impossible for the human brain to remember and free up time and effort, then why not embrace it?

    Imagine trying to remember every single review date, case or client in your pipeline, let alone all upcoming meetings, events and arrangements. 360’s automated reviews will recognise a mortgage due for renewal in 3 months, a life policy due to expire, or a client with no Buildings and Contents insurance and drop this opportunity into the 360 Hotbox to ensure that hard-earnt business is not lost or fulfilled elsewhere.

    Utilising technology to help assist with processes is often overlooked. “It’s just easier to write all of my opportunities down with the pen and paper sat in front of me.” Sure, but what if this were to get lost, damaged, violate the GDPR ‘clear desk’ policy?

    360’s automated reviews functionality proactively generates and displays opportunities, ready to be reviewed around advisers’ busy work schedule to not only ensure business growth but establish client-loyalty, deliver great client outcomes and provoke word-of-mouth feedback. Should an earlier appointment be required, servicing arrangements for individual or bulk cases can be applied, ensuring that valuable clients are serviced on the specified date and the opportunity is displayed in the 360 Hotbox to be fulfilled.

    Robots extract intelligence from human input working with us to help achieve great outcomes. If you would like to find out more information about 360 Lifecycle’s automatic reviews, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  5. One Suitability Letter to rule them all

    same but different

    Everyone is different and we’re all unique.

    But in many respects, we aren’t. We are the same and pretty much follow the same patterns, requirements or needs.  The difference is the nuance and detail; outwardly things are the same but scratch the surface and the differences become more pronounced.

    Take for instance the Suitability Report in 360 Lifecycle, when closing off the advice process, each client will receive one regardless of the service offered and products that have been advised upon. The Suitability Report doesn’t just provide details of one product but may comprise of several different products and types with the written content customised to the business and any unique compliance requirements.  By recognising the commonality and the generalisation of the document, we can re-use predefined content with data collected during the advice process to create a Suitability Report.

    The report’s defined content and formatting is editable within 360’s suitability template editor, including branding, headers and footers, and can be configured to display mandatory and optional sections dependant on the criteria set by the business.  When merged with FactFind and product data, the report is editable online or through Word, where the adviser can review and adjust the final report before delivering the completed Suitability Report to the client (with the option of sending it through the secure Client Portal).

    Everyone is different, but the 360 Suitability Report breaks down the generation of complex content into a series of definable and common chunks to create a unique document that is specific to the individual.  It removes unnecessary rekeying of data, increases the quality of the report and ensures the report output is consistency delivered.  If you would like to find out more information about the 360 Lifecycle practice management solution, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, online demonstration of the 360 Lifecycle product suite; alternatively, sign up for one of our free FactFind training webinars.

  6. There is no failure – only feedback

    Woman Listening TCF image

    Listening to feedback can be hard, nevertheless, it provides a valuable mechanism for businesses to measure and review customer experience.  It provides an insightful resource for businesses to recognise strengths and weaknesses and, where applicable, constructively adapt processes and routines where necessary.  In an environment where regulation and compliance can dominate the act of supplying advice, feedback can identify potential issues as well as highlighting good practice and professionalism.

    With 360’s integrated TCF questionnaire, businesses can digitally send business-branded surveys to clients and retrieve the responses back into case records, all at the touch of a button. 360’s reporting capabilities provides managers with the ability to monitor individual or business-wide responses, aggregating scores for easy evaluation.  By measuring client experience and reflecting all areas of the sales process, organisations can react to risks regarding customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance and business reputation.

    The FCA’s “Treating Customers Fairly” initiative places a responsibility on intermediaries to measure and react to feedback from customers. Completion of questionnaires not only provides an insight into overall service and sales process of a business, it can also generate business retention with the scope for clients to outline additional areas of product interest. Opportunities identified from the questionnaire are traced into the servicing adviser’s 360 Hotbox for further opportunities to be reviewed.

    Sending a TCF questionnaire after the consultation process creates a valuable feedback loop for customers to highlight, celebrate or improve the overall sales process – along with identifying areas of product interest for up-selling capabilities. If you would like to find out more information on 360’s TCF questionnaire, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Support Team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  7. 360 Accounts: Making the complex manageable

    Young Accountant

    Businesses interested in 360 Lifecycle tend to focus around the system’s ability to generate new sales and retain existing clients, which of course are worthy and attainable goals. However, as businesses grow and become more complex, the Accounting function of an intermediary highlights the larger strategic need to ensure that payments are correctly reconciled to the business and its staff. With providers and networks providing different statements in a variety of formats, the processing of these large worksheets is often to relegated to an expensive and error-prone manual process.

    360′s Accounts package recognises the very complex and dynamic nature that intermediaries handle its finances and income across advisers, business units and various promotion schemes. It provides flexibility to apply varying payment schemes from the simple to the complex either across the business or down to the individual adviser and product type. Commission statements and fees, often provided under specified rates or percentages, can be determined using a range of criteria, and similarly, any bonus schemes can be implemented and rewarded, tailored to match the specific payment requirements applicable to your business.

    360 Accounts provides an intelligent income reconciliation function that can import vast amounts of payment data from providers and networks, and effectively match and record this against the sales made in an organisation’s client bank. Commission can also be manually entered, matching the receipt to specific case records, and remembering this selection for future payments, which saves significant time in processing and assigning trail payments.

    The 360 Accounts package translates a difficult and expensive function into one that works for an organisation’s Accounts department, regardless of the size of the business.  If you would like to find out more information on 360 Accounts, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite,  sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Support Team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  8. Six tips to make your client data more secure


    Few people would leave their valuables vulnerable or exposed to danger, but why does it seem that so many neglect the security of their data and that of their clients’? Business worth, value and reputation is dependent on the security of your client bank making it imperative to reduce, and where feasible, eliminate the risk of security breaches. The prevalence of recent security cases involving the NHS has been thought-provoking; is there perhaps a little more we could all do to ensure that our data is more secure?

    360 Dot Net employs a number of security features and processes to ensure that we securely protect data on your behalf, following industry best practice and the guidelines from the Information Commissioners Office. This duty of protection includes regular Penetration Testing, permissive hacking of our systems for vulnerabilities and regular security and data protection sessions. However, are you securing your systems from malicious access and employing best practice security processes? Here are six tips to consider:

    1. Does your machine have up to date anti-virus protection? An anti-virus programme not only protects your data from viruses but prevents intrusion from many forms of malicious software which can gain access to your files, track activity and duplicate sensitive information. With some anti-virus software being free or preinstalled, integrating protection really is a minor investment when considering the devastating effect it can have on your data and reputation.

    2. Are you using a supported operating system and running regular updates? We only need to acknowledge the recent security threats with the NHS to realise that utilising an outdated and unsupported software, such as Windows XP, makes your computer systems vulnerable and prone to malware infection. Regularly running updates on your operating system is also just as important to help patch vulnerabilities as they are found.

    3. How secure are your passwords? Is your password written on a Post-it note, stuck to your computer screen and in plain sight of others? Would you lock up your house or apartment, but Sellotape the key to the door? Password security is a fundamental requirement to any computer system and the control and security of this information will define the safety of your systems.

    4. Do you regularly update your passwords? Regularly updating passwords and not using easily guessed passwords is often overlooked. Guidelines typically advise that passwords should be regularly updated and contain a minimum of 12-14 characters with a mix of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. In addition, it is prudent to avoid passwords that include “researchable” information such as pet names, child names, specific birthday dates, etc.

    5. Is your hard drive encrypted?  Local hard drive encryption can prevent access into your computer and personal data files.  While all data stored in 360 Lifecycle is encrypted in the Cloud, how secure is your local email storage and files?

    6. Are you up to date with data protection training? Do you and your staff / colleagues know your obligations regarding the Data Protection Act and client data? With the introduction of the General Data Protection Reform (GDPR) in May 2018, how prepared is your business to meet some of these new challenges? The 360 Lifecycle products are currently being reviewed to reflect new changes to consent, data portability and the right to forget – but this functionality only reflects process, it is equally important you and your staff are adequately trained.

    For more information about the security features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please contact our friendly Support Team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  9. Feel the heartbeat of your business


    A business can be characterised as an organism, a living breathing creature that survives, thrives and evolves over time.  The challenge for business principals and management is to feel the heartbeat of their organisation in terms of sales and potential cash flow with the ability to react and adapt to changing circumstances.

    360’s Performance Explorer provides intermediaries with up-to-the-minute live data, helping with the identification of goals and providing the capability to set targets and benchmarks at an individual, group or business level. With access to wide-spread subsets of data, areas of business performance can be drilled-down to display a clear and accessible archive of information. The rhythm and flow of your business can be analysed using a RAG based ranking system reflecting performance against predefined targets and allowing a quick, visualised indication of your goals.

    The oxygen to any thriving intermediary is the incoming leads and potential opportunities within an organisation’s client bank; Performance Explorer provides access into written and completed business, existing leads and any forthcoming review dates. The ability to evaluate opportunities provides the capability to project and forecast current and future pipelines,

    Gaining insightful analysis of your business allows you to evaluate your performance, define your targets and sense the very heartbeat of your business. If you would like to find out more information on 360 Lifecycle’s Performance Explorer, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly Support Team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  10. Is your CRM choice more the better the devil you know?


    Why change when what you’ve grown so accustomed to fulfils its intended purpose and works just fine, or even just OK? Why change when it can be painful and can quite often cause disruption.  Why change when it is resisted by many, requires effort, expenditure, new ways of working and is simply feared for what it is, something different. But what if overcoming those differences could add value? What if we challenge the inertia and recognise the new opportunities and enhancements change can deliver?  What if what you’re changing will make a significant difference to you and your clients?

    Apprehension when considering change is inevitable if dealing with something as valuable as your data. The transition onto 360 Lifecycle has been structured to help to eliminate any initial fear which may be encountered in the process. Our migration process is developed to the guaranteed security of your data and ensure that the process fulfils your high standards, including the integration of any bespoke feature requirements and ample opportunity for feedback. Once the data import is complete, automated product reviews and lead generation capabilities will automatically expand your future pipeline and exploit the full features of the 360 Lifecycle CRM.

    Why settle with the ‘devil you know’ when greater opportunities can be established elsewhere? If you would like to find out more information regarding the migration onto the 360 Lifecycle practice management solution, please read our document outlining the process. If you require further details about any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free demonstration of the system.

  11. From segmentation to satisfaction

    client segmentation

    Different people have different needs. Even similar people who share the same circumstances often have very different perspectives about themselves and their contemporaries. In isolation, it is easy to satisfy the needs and demands of individuals, but applying this across larger numbers can be troublesome. The same principal can be applied to an adviser’s client bank where categorising and servicing many clients requires some level of grouping or segmenting to ensure that the right people are receiving the service they expect and pay for.

    360 Client Segmentation provides managers and administrators with the ability to identify and categorise clients into custom market segments that can be directly marketed through Campaign Manager or have servicing arrangements applied. The categorisation of clients enables services to be adapted applicable to fulfil clients’ needs, whether it’s dealing with the reservicing of a mortgage, addressing a policy end date or providing regular updates for wealth products. In post-RDR environment where advisers provide different levels of service, servicing arrangements allows managers to control the types of reviews being generated into the Hotbox and when, during the cycle of the arrangement.

    Market segments and servicing arrangements can be applied individually to case records to capture and recognise individual needs. To apply these to multiple clients, the Client Segmentation tool provides the ability to query an organisation’s client bank and apply market segments and servicing arrangements in bulk. Grouping your clients into defined segments, or applied servicing arrangements, can structure and satisfy the individual needs and demands of your client bank.

    If you would like to find out more information about 360 Lifecycle’s Client Segmentation, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly Support Team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  12. How lead generation takes care of itself

    100 doors

    Holding a door open for someone is a polite act, it is common sense and it is common courtesy; it’s an act which is not often pondered upon because we have grown accustomed to it as a social norm. More figuratively, holding a door open for someone is about opportunity and assistance for something that could have been achieved individually, but is better through collective effort as it ensures drive in the desired direction.

    Within 360 Lifecycle, the Hotbox presents a window of opportunities that have either been entered directly by an adviser, an introducer or administrative staff member, alternatively, reviews can be created automatically from product reviews or generated via an external source. For example, the 360 TCF questionnaire provides an opening to allow clients to identify other areas of business they are interested in. Selections are then created into the adviser’s Hotbox, ready to be unveiled and either actioned or referred.

    The 360 Client Portal, which establishes a digital relationship between an adviser and client, encourages further engagement and commitment through various tools and interactions. Entrances include the ‘Concierge’ section, an area where clients can supply their policy renewal dates that are sent to the advisers Hotbox; in-context, mortgage and investment calculators allow users to adjust values and submit to the adviser with all appropriate values, and the ‘Protection Comparison’ where a user can compare how well protected they are in line with their current circumstances. Finally, the Lead Handler API allows software developers to post leads from proprietary systems such as websites directly into the appropriate adviser’s Hotbox.

    The 360 Lifecycle lead generation capabilities recognises opportunities by opening doors and leading opportunities directly to your Hotbox. If you would like to find out more information about 360 Lifecycle’s lead generation capabilities, or any of the features in the 360 Lifecycle product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  13. Recycle, Reuse and Reduce (your data)


    When we’re at home separating our glass from our plastic and our garden waste from our general waste, we feel that we’ve ‘done the right thing’, but how often do we consider what happens next? Recycling utilises far less energy, it uses fewer resources and it reduces waste. The great thing about recycling is that it is a perpetual process, it happens time and time again, reprocessing existing materials to be used again and then recycled again. But can we apply the same principals of ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’ to advisers who need to enter the same data into different platforms to source different products?

    The elimination of rekeying client information, time and time again, maintains consistency and accuracy by reducing the possibility of error. The 360 FactFind is the first online FactFind that features fully integrated mortgage, protection and GI sourcing, so the recycling of data across multiple platforms saves both you and your clients time and unnecessary effort. The 360 FactFind supports mortgage sourcing through Twenty7Tec, protection from iPipeline (both AssureWeb and SolutionBuilder), and GI from Uinsure.

    With the availability of mortgage and protection sourcing requirements, all presented in one streamlined experience, entire sales processes can be fulfilled in one sitting. Clients who are purchasing a property will be fully occupied with their mortgage and may not yet have considered the lender’s requirement for Building and Contents insurance or protection products; with the ability to provide sourcing results for protection policies in a matter of seconds, scope for cross-selling is increased and client experiences are enhanced.

    360 Lifecycle securely reuses data from clients’ case records and transfers it into the FactFind, automatically pre-populating applicable fields so that you don’t have to. Similar to the process of recycling, the reuse of existing data utilises far less of your energy, uses fewer platforms and reduces time and effort.

    If you would like to find out more information about 360’s sourcing capabilities, or any of the features in 360 Lifecycle’s product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team who are happy to help with any product queries.

  14. Behind every great adviser, there is a great administrator


    No Oscar speech wouldn’t be without thanking the many, many people that helped the star of the show look good, sound good and act well. Cue tears and sobs before heading off to the after-show party, generally without said people being invited. But it is these individuals behind the scenes who complete the crucial roles that individually, those starlit actors could and would not be able to perform on their own. In the financial services sector, many advisers rely on administrators to perform a not dissimilar service, albeit without too many awards evenings and red carpets.

    Administrators play a vital role throughout sales processes, handling the majority of the documentation procedures, data chasing and essential liaisons starting right from the application process, through to the final completion stages. The behind-the-scenes role of the administrator ensures that all tasks have been handled, cases are completed and sales have been fulfilled. Administrators play an instrumental role within any financial practice, dovetailing a systematically structured administration process that channels productivity only strengthens the capabilities of the practice, and ensures that each case is handled and processed professionally and efficiently.

    360’s Admin Pipeline provides administrators with a frictionless solution for task maintenance, presenting arranged daily tasks into a clear and coherent structure. The process required to see a client’s case progress from written to complete entails a lengthy and methodically aligned list of task prioritisation; the Admin Pipeline filtering capabilities address this by providing the ability to logically categorise the (usually) copious collection of tasks or cases, helping to fulfil applications once the sales process has started. The capability of task configuration is fundamental for handling cases such as a property purchase, whereby the linear structuring of the monumental list of tasks, helps to enhance the process for both the administrator and the client. By arranging and accurately charting product applications, administrative and compliance tasks can be monitored and executed ensuring no vital steps or actions are missed during the client’s engagement with the business. Providing this satisfactory level of client experience enhances the likeliness of repeat purchases with the attached insurance policies, and provokes that all important word of mouth.

    Complimented with several reports, 360’s back-office solution features Real-Time reporting capabilities, providing advisers and administrators with a view on all policies in their pipeline. Managers and compliance officers can easily retrieve and review on-going applications through the business and effective target applications that may require remedial effort.

    Winning an Oscar is not a solo performance, and all too often a great adviser is always backed up with a great administrator. If you would like to find out more information about 360’s Admin Pipeline, or any of the features in 360 Lifecycle’s product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team who are happy to help with any product queries.


  15. Spread the love and earn while you’re doing it…

    As a user of 360 Lifecycle, you’re already receiving the benefits of smarter application processing, reduced administration and enhanced business capabilities through one of the leading practice management solutions on the market.

    But you don’t have to keep it a secret!

    360 Dot Net would like you to spread the love about our practice management system with integrated FactFind and Sourcing, and we’re willing to thank you for it! If you refer a new customer to 360 in 2017, who subsequently signs up, we will give:

    A £50 Amazon voucher to both the Referrer and Referee for every new contracted licence!

    Yes – that means if you refer a new customer to 360 which leads to 10 new licences, both you and the referee will receive £500 of Amazon vouchers each!  To refer a new business to us, tell them about the experiences you’ve had and if they’re interested, you can email their contact details to and we will do the rest keeping you informed throughout the process.


  16. What have we learnt from a client FactFind?

    Client FactFind

    Good advice comes from a good FactFind. It acts as a frank and concise snapshot of the client that allows advisers to provide advice and if applicable, source products that match the needs and demands of the client. Unfortunately, this consumes that most precious of commodities, time. Time is something that many advisers and clients do not have an abundance of.

    The cold reality is that a FactFind should be completed prior to advice; it helps to keep those compliance rascals happy, and post-MMR, ensures a greater depth of research for both parties.  Could the answer to reducing the time and inconvenience of completing a FactFind lie with passing that initial data collection back to the client?

    The 360 client facing FactFind enables advisers to do just that by sending out a simplified client-centric version of the FactFind directly to the client. The Client FactFind streamlines the data collection process in a more secure and logically stratified way, it is highly graphical providing a more compelling platform for client interaction and is compatible on any internet enabled device. Looking from a client’s perspective, wouldn’t you value the ability to complete your FactFind in familiar surroundings, organised around your own lifestyle and schedule, rather than spending a number of hours on the phone or in an office? On the other hand, as an adviser, wouldn’t you rather your clients save both yours and their time completing standard but necessary data prior to entering the advisory part of your business?

    Since its launch, the Client FactFind has consistently demonstrated that clients value this ability to provide advisers with their information, observing that 87% of clients open their tailored FactFind and 82% continue to submit the FactFind back to the adviser. With additional engagement features such as electronically requesting client documentation, the Client FactFind is less about being part of a frictionless engagement process, but one of convenience that works to the advantage of the client and adviser.

    If you would like to find out more information about the 360 FactFind, or any of the features in 360 Lifecycle’s product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team, who are happy to help with any product queries.

  17. The consumer facing portal that lets clients process their applications faster?

    The consumer facing portal that lets clients process their applications faster?

    Imagine visiting your local busy coffee shop to find a long queue and an overworked barista. You need your morning pick-me-up and you’re in a rush, so what can you do? Could you help the barista by steaming the milk and adding that all important squirty cream and by doing so, getting your flavoured latte served quicker and with an extra helping of sprinkles? The reality of offering such assistance will probably result in a polite but firm “no thank you”, but the principle of accelerating a process through active and mutually beneficial client engagement can be one that leads to positive outcomes for both parties. Obviously, only in certain circumstances.

    360’s Client Portal opens up a new level of engagement allowing advisers to pass tasks digitally to a client to perform, typically those related to the sales process. For instance, items such as the Authority to Proceed, Terms and Conditions of the business, an agenda, proof of residence and income, can take time and effort to request and receive, which can delay the sales process significantly. Through 360′s Client Portal, ‘Actions’ places the onus onto the client to help their application execute smoothly. Actions received from an adviser are processed through the portal on any internet enabled device, so the ‘Action’ requesting proof of income explicitly requires the client to upload the files and return to the adviser in one simple transaction.

    Leaving aside the obvious advantages of reduced administration, printing and postage costs, ‘Actions’ are processed immediately and within a secure online environment that provides confidence to both clients and advisers, especially during a transaction that is wholly reliant on building a relationship and trust. ‘Actions’ are fully audited within the portal and 360′s CRM, which provides a timeline of engagement that includes additional interactions from the client such as secure instant messaging.

    The 360 Client Portal breaks down inefficient processes and through ‘Actions’ reframes the sales process into one that intelligently blends technology, data, and interaction into one frictionless experience. Built as a platform for both Intermediaries and Networks, its “plug and play” architecture is designed to enhance a business’s processes and capabilities with automated messaging, post-sales servicing and non-advised revenue generation. If you would like to find out more information about Client Portal, or any of the features in 360 Lifecycle’s product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team, who are happy to help with any product queries.

  18. Whitepaper into the effectiveness of Campaign Manager

    think outside the box concept, vector

    Retaining communication with clients and developing marketing strategies are fundamental practices to maintain throughout any sales process. 360 Lifecycle’s integrated marketing tool, Campaign Manager, enables businesses to create communication strategies, whereby it provides the ability to identify specific target audiences and communicate with them through a direct marketing approach.

    Our recent infographic reflected the top level findings of our research into the efficacy of Campaign Manager, for example: since in 2016, it has generated £4.6 million in written business for the companies embracing the Campaign Manager function.  The following whitepaper expands upon this providing detailed insights, commentary on best practice, and real-life examples for organisations to adapt.

    Campaign Manager Whitepaper (PDF)

    To find out more information about using 360 OfficeCampaign Manager, the Hotbox and Reviews, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, whether you are new to the system, or just looking for a refresher.  Alternatively, contact our sales and support department.


  19. Campaign Manager and the benefits it can bring to your business

    As a software solutions provider in the financial services sector, we continually invest a significant amount of time and resource in developing tools and aligning to processes to keep advisers ahead in the digital world. Part of this process investigates and monitors the effectiveness of our software and determines where improvements can be made.

    Our latest analysis into the effectiveness of Campaign Manager, 360 Office’s custom query and marketing tool, revealed some extremely interesting figures demonstrating that those organisations embracing the tool can realise significant revenues from their existing client bank. The following infographic highlights some of the key figures we found from the 150,000 messages generated during the first half of 2016, including £4.6 million of written business generated following communications being sent to a client.

    infographic 3

    To find out more information about using 360 Office, Campaign Manager, the Hotbox and Reviews, we provide a number of free training materials and webinar sessions whether you are new to the system or just looking for a refresher.

    Further insights into Campaign Manager can be found in our latest whitepaper that expands upon the findings above and provides businesses with marketing direction.  The whitepaper includes templates used by champion organisations that have been proven to drive additional sales and reduce client attrition.  For more updates on 360’s publications, follow us on LinkedIn and / or Twitter.

  20. 5 Reasons To Start Loving Your Data…


    There is always difficulty in determining the value of something that one cannot physically see or touch. In the modern world, data can be significantly over-hyped with some commentators exclaiming that “Data is the new oil”, i.e. a substance of great value, but only once it has been refined and processed. A more considered perspective is that data is not the new oil, but the new soil where information, insights, and opportunities, can be nurtured and grown.

    Data though, is not organic and time doesn’t necessarily increase its value. In fact it could be argued that too much time can make data worthless. Therefore, the value of data comes down to its accuracy and quality, coupled with timely updates when new data comes to light and old data becomes obsolete. Framed differently, bad data in will equal bad data out, and conversely good data in will equal good data out.

    Consequently, to get the most out of your data, here’s our 5 reasons to start loving your data to extract the most value from it for today, tomorrow, and into the future…

    1. Can you really remember everything and have the ability to quickly assimilate and process new data? Short term memory can be fast and efficient, but can you truly rely on your long term memory, especially recalling information from long and distance product reviews?

    2. Your competence will be judged by the quality of your data. When interacting with your clients, they will make judgements of yourself based upon the information you’re using from your client bank. If that data is inaccurate or poorly recorded, your interactions will be hindered or even worst, insulting out of date or context.

    3. Help the future “you” by gathering as much relevant data as you can, you never know when you might need it later. Even simple changes such as corrections to an email address or telephone number will ensure that when you need to reconnect or market to your clients, at the very least they’ll receive your message.

    4. Reports, insights, or sales forecasting demands accurate data, otherwise there’s a greater likelihood of incorrect and costly decisions being made.

    5. You have a legal obligation, as part of the Data Protection Act (1998), to keep your client’s data up to date. Failing to do this means you’re failing your clients and in breach of the law.

    Finally, data needs to stored in an environment that allows it to flourish and maximise its full potential whether it is generating new leads from your existing client bank, finding new insights and opportunities , or saving time and effort by efficient processing To find out more about the features available within 360 Lifecycle, we provide a number of free training materials and webinar sessions whether you’re new to the system or just looking for a refresher.