Knight Frank Finance rolls out with 360′s integrated sourcing and practice management software


360 Dot Net are pleased to report the successful on-boarding and launch of the 360 Lifecycle practice management and integrated sourcing solution into Knight Frank Finance, part of the global property consultancy, Knight Frank.  Following a lengthy and thorough technical due diligence that started in March 2016, Carlos Thibaut CEO of 360 Dot Net, highlighted that “Knight Frank Finance exemplifies how all companies in the financial services sector should approach and challenge technology solutions. The selection of a technology provider should not focus on a list of bullet points, but those aspects of the solution that increases the capabilities of an organisation and those that mitigate the many risks that affect the financial services sector.”

Simon Gammon, Managing Partner of Knight Frank Finance, reflected on the due-diligence and on-boarding of the system, “When we started the process of choosing a new system to implement at Knight Frank Finance, our main criteria was to find a system that improved and automated the mortgage application process while streamlining the end-to-end functionally. 360 Dot Net was a clear winner as it offered a fully integrated client management system, allowing our consultants to interact with their clients’ demands and needs when arranging and giving advice. The back-office is also supported by an excellent case management system which will only enhance our client experience and provide our team with a very efficient accounting and reports function.”

Knight Frank Finance joins over 5,000 advisers using 360 Dot Net software, which handles over 1.5 million active clients to the restricted and unrestricted sectors.  Following two years of refocusing its technology offering, 360 delivers faster application and compliance processing, an easy to use and configurable FactFind with fully integrated mortgage and protection sourcing, and a client portal that engages the client at the start of the sales process and maintains that relationship.

Looking into 2017, Thibaut concludes that “it is our responsibility to guide organisations through the confusing and rapidly evolving FinTech arena.  We’re future-proofing our customers with a holistic CRM, POS and portal solution that continues to redefine the industry while continuing to build a foundation that allows our customers to adapt to new trends and new methods of client engagement and acquisition. We understand the power existing with our customers’ client banks, it is our job for organisations to realise and leverage this power with tools such as predictive analytics and robo-advice powered with machine learning.”

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