Ltd selects 360 Dot Net as their technology partner


360 Dot Net are pleased to announce that London based brokerage,, have this month successfully deployed the full 360 Lifecycle software solution with FactFind, integrated sourcing, Client Portal and Accounts Package.

The Directly Authorised firm were seeking a new technology proposition to enhance processes for advisers and their clients.  Managing Director of, Richard Merrett, commented on the change of technology solution, “there were a number of features we required in our search for a new CRM system; but ultimately enhancing our ability to provide a service of advice through technology for our clients was pivotal in our decision making.  360 Lifecycle’s client-engagement features present a real opportunity for us make the advice process more collaborative, while increasing productivity and reducing much of the friction caused.”

Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 Dot Net, reflected on the new relationship that “ is another established and outstanding business that recognises our continued commitment to deliver a ‘best-of-breed’ CRM and POS solution to the intermediary sector. It is only through continued investment into new functionality, continued investment into our backend infrastructure, and regular security and penetration hardening that we can attract the likes of LML.  Reinforce all that with a clear and regular cycle of releases, we believe that 360 is fast becoming the ‘gold’ standard for all mortgage brokers.”

Thibaut concludes, “The CRM is the foundation of any intermediary business or put it another way, ‘It all starts with the CRM’.  But what that means is organisations are fast realising the value of their data where the first step is selecting a trustworthy and established business to structure and store that information. The next step is recognising the value and power of that data with the ability to extract the relevant information a business requires whether this is MI, marketing related, accounts related or into other systems through secure integrations.  The final step is looking towards the transformative ways to utilise that data as both the industry and market continues to evolve and it’s here where we believe 360 offers both a compelling product and vision for businesses to secure and structure their future.”