New Leaf Distribution deploy 360 Lifecycle

Newleaf distribution

360 Dot Net are pleased to announce that the New Leaf Distribution network have successfully deployed the full 360 Lifecycle practice management solution with FactFind, integrated sourcing, Client Portal and the 360 Accounts package to its 200 members.

New Leaf confirmed that client engagement and network payment processing were fundamental factors in their decision-making process of selecting a technology partner. The 360 Client Portal and client-focused FactFind aligned with New Leaf’s desire to embrace client facing functionality that saves advisers time during the initial data gathering as well as encouraging greater client engagement by establishing a digital relationship. The 360 Accounts package allowed New Leaf to save significant administrative costs to reconcile and process payments to both its ARs and RIs across its established network with adviser statement processed electronically.

Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 reflected on the deployment of 360 Lifecycle and stated “New Leaf were looking to satisfy a number of key and complex requirements.  I’m pleased that we are able to provide them with this – not only meeting those requirements but exceeding them with our client focused products.  Helping advisers deliver a great client experience is at the forefront of our thinking and we are committed to deliver this with industry-defining solutions, like our Client Portal and like our Client FactFind, which I believe sets us apart from our competition.”

Mark Hobbs, Managing Director of New Leaf Distribution, stated “A network should not only support its members, it should ensure they have the best training and tools to advise their clients.  We saw that 360 were not only capable of providing us with the software to achieve that, but recognised that client engagement is key for advisers to embrace going into the future.  Client engagement is a must-have to bring the client closer to the process and effectively save the adviser time.”

Thibaut concludes “As a technology provider, it is our duty to stay ahead in the digital revolution and support advisers by continuing to deliver innovative solutions and functionality that keeps New Leaf and our other customers alike ahead of competition.  2018 will see Open Banking integration to permissively extract bank account information and bring that into the FactFind, ID verification and credit reports to enhance the Know-Your-Customer gathering, and MortgageApply functionality to easily push applications directly to lenders.  These new features, along with others, build on our client engagement functionality to reduce the unnecessary pain involved in the advised mortgage process and aligns with our goal to reduce the processing time to keep advisers ahead in the digital world.”