360 Accounts

You have come this far and what could be more important than the smooth sailing of your business?

With 360’s Accounting system, regulating commissions couldn’t be made easier if you tried, and whats more it’s integrated into the CRM you already use and trust. The accounts module is used by accounts teams of large and small finance companies alike and due to its flexibility it can be tailored to your business.

With the ability to record commissions due and incoming payments, set different commission ratings for your specified advisers/policies and match outstanding payments, the accounts module is designed to make accounting efficient.
You can set pay schemes to match self-employed & employed advisers rates, set up a bonus structure by percentages at different levels of commission, include regular adjustments or retention fees for instance network costs, vehicle charges etc.. And the system will talk to 360 whilst calculating pay due.
You can allow your advisers access so that they can review the commission as it is marked off on the statement within the system or you can block this so that it can be reviewed in the normal way through the payment statement.

If you would like to view the 360 Accounts training manual, click here