Designed to encourage stronger relationships between Advisers and their clients MyFinancecentre has arrived to take you into the digital future.

MyFinancecentre offers your clients their own digital financial portfolio, using data sourced from your client bank and aggregates that information into an easy and intuitive perspective of their financial situation. MyFinancecentre creates a focus on financial planning and goal setting alongside offering financial advice, as well creating new opportunities of engagement through case tracking and Skype integration.

Documents can be stored and transmitted securely through MyFinancecentre, which employs the same strength of security used by online retailers and banking institutions. In addition, documents can be sent by the Client or Adviser to and from MyFinancecentre and the Advisers back office solution.

As an Adviser, you will have access to the information and files that your client’s share with immediate effect, meaning no more waiting around for documents to progress an application; as well as building the synergy of engagement between yourself and your client-base.

MyFinancecentre creates new channels of engagement for your clients and your business. It is accessible from any internet enabled device, mobile or tablet – anywhere around the globe. MyFinancecentre removes barriers to ensure that your clients can engage with their adviser anytime of the day.

Click here to see the 360 Client Portal Manual.
The object of this manual is to provide you with the necessary navigational support in order for you to invite your clients to the portal and communicate with them directly from the client record within 360 Lifecycle.