What can 360 Lifecycle do for me?

With 360 Lifecycle, all of your client data is stored in a secure location, through a cloud-based system. This means you can easily and securely access your clients’ details from any computer with 360 Lifecycle installed, and also an end to backup, security and data loss worries.

In fact, because 360 Lifecycle was designed by intermediaries – for intermediaries – it is perfect for financial intermediaries, because:

  • It is RDR compatible
  • It supports firms of all sizes, from single-users to large multi-ties
  • It costs less than a daily cup of coffee
  • Data is easily transferred so you are up and running quickly
  • It is user friendly and very easy to use
  • Training and support is available from day one
  • Unique HotBox facility so sales opportunities never get missed
  • Innovative Campaign Manager allows easy and efficient marketing

When you start using 360 Lifecycle , you will:

  • Be in total control of your business, your data and your processes
  • Discover time savings and efficiencies
  • Increase your sales and deliver superior client service