Recycle, Reuse and Reduce (your data)


When we’re at home separating our glass from our plastic and our garden waste from our general waste, we feel that we’ve ‘done the right thing’, but how often do we consider what happens next? Recycling utilises far less energy, it uses fewer resources and it reduces waste. The great thing about recycling is that it is a perpetual process, it happens time and time again, reprocessing existing materials to be used again and then recycled again. But can we apply the same principals of ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’ to advisers who need to enter the same data into different platforms to source different products?

The elimination of rekeying client information, time and time again, maintains consistency and accuracy by reducing the possibility of error. The 360 FactFind is the first online FactFind that features fully integrated mortgage, protection and GI sourcing, so the recycling of data across multiple platforms saves both you and your clients time and unnecessary effort. The 360 FactFind supports mortgage sourcing through Twenty7Tec, protection from iPipeline (both AssureWeb and SolutionBuilder), and GI from Uinsure.

With the availability of mortgage and protection sourcing requirements, all presented in one streamlined experience, entire sales processes can be fulfilled in one sitting. Clients who are purchasing a property will be fully occupied with their mortgage and may not yet have considered the lender’s requirement for Building and Contents insurance or protection products; with the ability to provide sourcing results for protection policies in a matter of seconds, scope for cross-selling is increased and client experiences are enhanced.

360 Lifecycle securely reuses data from clients’ case records and transfers it into the FactFind, automatically pre-populating applicable fields so that you don’t have to. Similar to the process of recycling, the reuse of existing data utilises far less of your energy, uses fewer platforms and reduces time and effort.

If you would like to find out more information about 360’s sourcing capabilities, or any of the features in 360 Lifecycle’s product suite, please do not hesitate to sign up to one of our free training webinars, or alternatively, please contact our friendly support team who are happy to help with any product queries.