360 Lifecycle unveils a new era in financial CRM technology with a dynamic rebrand

360 Lifecycle (formerly known as 360 Dotnet) boldly continues our technological transformation by announcing a dynamic rebrand, including aligning the name of our product as our brand identity. This marks an important step forward in bringing exciting innovations to the financial services sector.

360 Lifecycle reinforces our brand through market-leading software solutions designed to empower financial advisers with cutting-edge technology. This strategic alignment underscores our dedication to enhancing the capabilities of financial professionals in the digital age. 

The introduction of a new logo and the launch of a user-friendly website marks a significant refresh in our brand’s presentation. These changes bring forth exciting updates that are set to cater to the unique needs of financial advice firms and our customers. Designed to elevate the user experience, these improvements reflect our brand’s commitment to adaptability and product evolution.  

Clients and partners can continue to rely on 360 Lifecycle’s exceptional support, unparalleled features, and dedicated customer service, now presented under the cohesive 360 Lifecycle brand. 

360 Lifecycle would like to thank our clients and partners for their ongoing loyalty and support. 

Ozgur Unlu, CEO of 360 Lifecycle said: “As we embark on this transformative journey, we are thrilled to unveil 360 Lifecycle. This rebrand not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also signifies a new chapter in our company as a leading fintech provider. Our refreshed identity is only the beginning of our journey, to help to support our clients’ continued success.” 

David Smith, Commercial Director at 360 Lifecycle said: “Our technology is redefining what it means to empower financial advisers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the solutions we offer. Moreover, our agnostic approach allows advisers the freedom to choose from a variety of integration partners, ensuring they have the best tools at their disposal to meet their unique needs.”

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