CRM and back office functionalities​

360 Lifecycle is a complete end to end practice management system, providing everything you need to run a successful business. Our tools allow you to focus on providing exceptional service without getting weighed down by administrative tasks. Stay on top of your business and ahead of the competition.

Adviser View

Advisor view is the ultimate tool for client management and data capture. The customisable FactFind seamlessly transfers the collected data to Advisor and Office.

Client View

Client view is an easy-to-use interface allowing clients to complete the FactFind at their leisure, making the process easier and more efficient.

Budget Planner

The budget planner provides the ability to work out exactly what the client can afford.


The Hotbox provides a focused window into your client bank, allowing you to efficiently manage all your leads and opportunities from one centralised location.


Easily schedule your day with our multifunctional diary. You can block out time for appointments, meetings, or simply set reminders for important tasks.

Case View

Provides a centralised location where you can store client documents, portfolio information, and policy details, allowing you to manage everything in one place.

Admin Tools

Our Admin Tools allow you to have full access to manage 360 for advisers, negotiators, introducers and administrators.

Campaign Manager

With Campaign Manager, you can target your client base by creating your own sales and marketing campaigns.

Performance Explorer

Report on leads, opportunities and future reviews. Run reports on policies, providers and generated income and export them as spreadsheets for auditing and records.

Client View Portal

Engage and update your clients from any device. Advisers can access client information and files quickly, eliminating the need to wait to progress an application

Client Actions

Posting actions to the Client Portal sends an automatic email and SMS message to alert the client of an action requiring their attention.

Sending Actions

Create personalised actions and exchange documents and tasks securely between advisers and clients, all of which is fully audited against the case record.

Accounts is designed to simplify your payment processes. With its help, you can easily administer commissions, organise payments to advisers and the company, and set up business partner rates. The system allows you to view the entire commission process, from the initial entry in the FactFind to the final payment to the corresponding adviser or introducer/business partner.

If you would like to learn more about the 360 Accounts module, please contact your Account Manager or call our Support Team.

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