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The ultimate tool for efficient client management, source mortgages, protection and GI via 360 Lifecycle's integrations with leading providers.

Adviser View

The Adviser view in 360 Lifecycle’s FactFind, is the ultimate tool for efficient client management and data capture. The customisable FactFind seamlessly transfers the collected data to Advisor and Office.

All important information entered onto the FactFind is saved to the clients record, ensuring the data is easily accessible within 360 Lifecycle. Client details are shown on the clients personalised paged and the data is reusable on any future opportunities.

With the ability to add notes and documents effortlessly throughout the FactFinding process, advisers can access the critical information easily when required.

Client View

The client view provides an easy-to-use interface allowing clients to complete the FactFind at their leisure, making the process easier and more efficient.

You can switch to client view at any time during the sales process by selecting the “client view” option.

The client view offers the same data capture requirements as the Adviser view and allows them to navigate through the FactFind stages via the simple and easy to use interface. You can switch back to Adviser view at any time by choosing “Adviser view.”

Budget Planner

The budget planner is the final piece of the FactFind allowing you to work out exactly what the client can afford.
You can configure the type of budget planner available, and choose whether you want a post-sale budget planner with it. You can select from one of two options:
  • Comprehensive mortgage budget planner or
  • Wealth budget planner
The above options can have a post-sale budget.

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Our FactFind works alongside Advisor and Office to keep track of all leads and transfer them seamlessly.

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