Client Portal

Engage and update your clients efficiently

Our Client Portal provides an easily accessible space where documents and correspondence can be exchanged, securely viewed, stored and maintained.

Client Portal

Engage and update your clients efficiently with our Client Portal. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, the portal removes barriers to ensure clients are always up-to-date.

Advisers can access client information and files securely within minutes, eliminating the need to wait around for documents to progress an application.

With the same level of security used by online retailers and banking institutions, advisers and clients can be assured that sensitive information and documents are stored securely.

Client Actions

Posting actions to the Client Portal sends an automatic email and SMS message to alert the client of an action requiring their attention.

Upon logging in, clients are immediately directed to any outstanding actions.

Depending on the action type, clients can download or upload required documents and send an update to show the information has been received.

Sending Actions

Create personalised actions and exchange documents and tasks securely between advisers and clients, all of which is fully audited against the case record.

State which aspect of the process the actions relates to, when it should be completed by, which client it needs to be sent to, and who it is from. Select grouped or individual actions to send to the client, tailored to the type of advice being provided.

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