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2018 Releases

2017 Releases

Playing from the baseline: storage, security and a safe-place

Storage and security go hand in hand. You wouldn’t choose a ‘safe-place’ to store your possessions if there was no key and lock provided; you wouldn’t announce a family holiday and not lock your front door; or you wouldn’t abandon your car with the keys still in the ignition. But how about the storage of […]

Relationships, applying the personal to the professional

What’s important in your relationship? Trust, loyalty, honesty? They’re all valued facets, but they’re not just established after the first encounter; it takes consistency, familiarity and regular communication to build a valued relationship. This isn’t just relevant in a romantic relationship, but in any partnership, whether it’s husband and wife, manager and employee or financial […]

Carlos Thibaut – Innovation Advocate

In the age of the digital revolution, innovation is at the core of everything we do; it is pivotal in defining success, providing a software which aligns industry requirements and shapes processes for mortgage and protection specialists to effectively manage and control their business. Carlos Thibaut, CEO of 360 Dot Net, is at the forefront […]